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RTape Clear Choice®

Clear Choice® is an ultra-clear, application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications. 

  • Clear Film
  • Repositionable
  • Low to High tack adhesive available
  • Air-egress micro tunnels
  • Easy handling and removal
  • Exceptional lay flat and clarity

AT60n and AT65 Emboss/Finish:  Fine Texture for easy release/ unwind and installation

AT75.1 Emboss/Finish:  Heavy Surface Texture with Air Egress Micro tunnels

  • Universal performance for a wide range of applications
  • Extended shelf life even after lamination
  • No milky residue when used for wet applications
  • Textured and matte finish vinyl films
  • Fine lettering
  • Textured wrap, window and wall films
  • Thermal die cuts

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RTape Clear Choice

Clear Choice® Product Overview

General product information, features, benefits, print compatibility and applications.

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RTape Clear Choice Spanish

Clear Choice® Visión General del Producto en Español

Información General del Producto, Características, Beneficios, Compatibilidad de Impresión y Aplicaciones.

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Clear Choice AT60n Low Tack

Clear film application tape
Low tack acrylic adhesive

Clear Choice AT65 High Tack

Clear film application tape
High tack acrylic adhesive

Clear Choice AT75.1 High Tack Embossed Film

Embossed clear film application tape
High tack modified polyacrylate adhesive