Clariguard™ Security Films

Security films provide highly tamper resistant personalization solutions for financial card and secure identification needs. Through extensive testing and proprietary manufacturing techniques, our laser engravable film is optimized for superior image quality and production versatility.

Product Information
  • Available in Polycarbonate, PETg and Tritan® Co-Polyester
  • Available in clear, laser engravable clear, white and custom colors
  • Specially formulated laser engravable films allow for laser imaging at higher production speeds
  • Available in matte/fine matte, matte/polish, and matte/velvet
  • Deliver a higher quality product at reduced operating costs
  • Gauges from .002” to .020”
  • Passports
  • Machine readable travel documents
  • Security documents
  • Driver's licenses
  • National I.D. cards
  • Credit cards

Security Films Clear

Clear and laser engravable, transparent films providing excellent clarity and sharp laser imaging.

Security Films White

Bright white core layer for excellent printability.

Security Films Custom Colors

Custom colors available upon request in all materials.