PRODUCT TYPE / Application Tapes & Premasks

Application Tapes & Premasks

We set the standard for product performance and quality. Innovations like RLA® Release Liner Adhesion are often imitated, but never duplicated. We offer a wide range of products between our RTape and Nekoosa PerfecTear product portfolios to ensure our customers find the application tape or premask to fit the requirements of their specific job.


RTape Conform® with RLA®

Conform®  is the original application tape, sticking to slick release liners preventing tapes from dog earring and sticking together.

RTape ApliTape™

The Sign Maker’s paper application tapes for dependable, user-friendly performance available in low, medium and high tack levels for print and surface protection and sign vinyl applications.

RTape Clear Choice®

Clear Choice® is an ultra-clear, application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications. 

RTape Premask and Prespacing Tapes

Heavyweight paper tape solutions engineered with specific adhesive systems for the most common and most challenging UV Screen and Digital Print projects.

Nekoosa PerfecTear™

PerfecTear™ paper application tape takes the hassle and mess out of using transfer tapes.


HotMask® series of self-wound polyester transfer tapes are designed to protect printed heat transfer material from the high temperatures of heat pressing. Available in different tack levels, HotMask® transfers print and cut graphics from the carrier film and aids alignment of the graphic to the garment.

RTape Block Out Tape

Blue self-wound polyethylene film with aggressive acrylic adhesive to use with conventional wooden framed screens. Forms solvent-resistant ink dam preventing leakage. Removes cleanly from mesh without leaving adhesive residue. Taping both sides of the screen withstands multiple washings.

RTape Pallet Protek

Pallet Protek is a standard weight saturated smooth paper tape with heat resistant adhesive. Cleaning up messy spray adhesive from your pallet is time consuming and costly. It’s also unnecessary. By covering your pallet with Pallet Protek™ and spraying the paper tape instead of the pallet, press clean up time is simply a matter of removing and discarding the tape. The whole process is fast and easy.

RTape ProGrade Paint Mask

ProGrade™ vinyl paint mask is a specially designed removable film used in making computer-cut stencils for painted graphics. ProGrade™ paint mask can be used for either sign shop or body shop applications, and with either sign lettering enamels or automotive urethane paints. ProGrade™ is a user-friendly adhesive and easy to transfer from the release liner. Easy to apply, and removes with no adhesive residue. Unlike cheaper paint masks, ProGrade™ uses a polymeric vinyl facestock, which is much easier to plotter cut and weed, even when producing paint mask stencils with fine detail.