Printer Compatibility

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Eco Solvent/Solvent
Eco-Solvent printing provides an odorless, ecologically safe printing alternative; typically used for indoor applications. Solvent inks are designed for every day, long-term, high volume production runs.


Similar to desktop inkjet printers, latex printers use print heads to distribute imagery using water-based inks. The latex acts as a carrier for the color pigmentation, creating a durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly end product.


UV Wide Format
Used to print banners, posters, trade show graphics, wall graphics, murals, backlit films and other large format signage, UV ink is applied and almost immediately exposed to ultraviolet light which helps cure the ink to the substrate.

Operating on a simple principle: ink and water do not mix, the image information is put on thin metal plates which are dampened by water and ink by rollers on the press. Next, the oil-based ink adheres to the image and the water to the outlying areas.

HP Indigo
Match offset lithography print quality with extreme versatility using Liquid Electrophotography, or LEP for short.

Digital Dry Toner/Laser

Laser beams scan back and forth across a drum inside the printer, building up a pattern of static electricity that attracts toner onto the substrate. In turn, the fuser unit bonds the toner to the substrate to create the desired text or print in the correct color formulation.

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