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CET Films

CET Films has created packaging films, special effect films and durable overlaminates in an array of substrates.


ClariCap™ capping films are cast extruded, interior/exterior, printable and bondable films that are designed to enhance and protect surfaces.

Security Films

Laser engravable film provides highly tamper resistant personalization solutions for financial card and secure identification needs. Through extensive testing and proprietary manufacturing techniques, our laser engravable film is optimized for superior image quality and production versatility.

Impact Modified Acrylic

Using resins such as polycarbonate, co-polyesters, modified styrenes, and rigid PVC’s CET Films combines its additive and embossing technologies to deliver unique solutions to the card industry. Integral Security Films are also available in clear, white and custom colors and in a variety of thickness in either rolls or sheets.


Polycarbonate films help to meet your most demanding application requirements – from graphic grade films, secure cards and medical packaging to automotive and theatrical lighting.


PETG is a clear amorphous non-crystalline Glycolised Copolyester thermoplastic in which the glycol modifiers reduce the brittleness of the PET.  PETg is popular in the market place as customers look to this plastic when producing “environmentally” friendly products. This polymer is 100% recyclable as it consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and is “inert” when used in landfills.

Custom Extruded Films

CET Films’ ability to color its resins in line, allows greater flexibility to extrude smaller minimum production runs.