APPLICATIONS / Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and Flyers

Developed especially for today's rapidly growing digital print market, our versatile papers for brochures and flyers provide exceptionally smooth printing surfaces; guaranteed to perform.


Synthetic paper made from high-grade polyester film with superior dimensional stability and unmatched lay-flat characteristics. Print Compatibility: Digital Dry Toner/Laser


Effortless, efficient processing combined with beauty and strength makes SYNAPS OM the new standard for offset synthetics. SYNAPS OM is a next generation synthetic film that is made from high grade polyester and high performance printable topcoat. Print Compatibility: Offset, HP indigo, latex and UV wide format

Digital Coated Paper

Developed specifically for today’s rapidly growing digital print market, Digital Coated paper suits a variety of applications with high opacity and excellent body.