Extruded Films


PETG is a clear amorphous non-crystalline Glycolised Copolyester thermoplastic in which the glycol modifiers reduce the brittleness of the PET. 

PETg is popular in the market place as customers look to this plastic when producing “environmentally” friendly products. This polymer is 100% recyclable as it consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and is “inert” when used in landfills.

  • Low gas permeability
  • Thermoforming versatility
  • Retains optical clarity even after going through forming and bending processes
  • Possesses exceptional transparency and clarity
  • Tougher than PET-more impact strength and chemical resistant
  • Heightened thermal and dimensionally stable characteristics with low shrinkage
  • Does not stress whiten when bent or formed
  • Signage and P.O.P. displays
  • Packaging
  • Machine guards
  • Face protection
  • Vending machines
  • Confectionery molds
  • Orthopedic parts and medical equipment parts


Our PETg films are well known and widely recognized as the first choice for signage, packaging, POP displays, machine guards, face protection, vending machines, confectionary molds, orthopedic parts, components for medical equipment, medical packaging, customer packaging and secure packaging.